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PCSAT2 PSK-31 Transponder Coordinator

Volunteer PC2 PSK-31 Transponder coordinator 

When we eventually activate PCSAT2 PSK-31
transponder, we will eventually need volunteer
PSK control operators in each footprint of 
operation.  These operators will be responsbile
for turning the transponder on and off on a
pass-by-pass basis while making sure that such
operation does not interfere with any planned
or unplanned ARISS operations.

If you are interested in PSK-31 operations and
want to volunteer to coordinate all the other
operators and operations, then we have a 
job for you...

Once we get that volunteer who is fully familiar
with ARISS operations, then -he- can start
assembling the pass-by-pass control ops...
Until then do not volunteer as a pass control
op.  I can't handle the email at this time...

de WB4APR, Bob
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