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Re: PCSAT2 PSK-31 test Saturday Morning! (USA)

Robert Bruninga schreef:

>When we activate the USER access method, then any
>station that wants to command on the PSK-31
>can just connect to the callsign of PC2PSK.  His
>packets from then on do nothing and are NOT
>welcome, but simply the CONNECT LED
>is the circuit that turns on the transponder.
>His TNC and the PCSAT2 TNC will occassionaly
>exchange CHECK packets to verify he is still
>connected.  Once the user station is lost, the
>TNC connection will timeout 7 minutes later
>and the CONNECT LED will go out, and this
>will drop the PSK-31 transponder.
>We chose that so that it will timeout when the
>satellite goes out of view of that station.  Such 
>a station will have to have his TNC set for
>FULL DUPLEX, because once the PSK-31
>xpoonder comes on, this will open his squelch
>and his TNC will not complete the connection,
>because it will hear the channel busy...
>With full duplex on, his TNC will ignore the
>PSK noise and will let his TNC transmit to
>complete the connection.  Unfortunately,
>you cannot use a D700 for this purpose 
>since it does not have a way to turn off
>the channel busy on its internal TNC.
>But the D7(g) does.  Use the DCD menu.
>Remember, this satellite has no command
>processor other than a pair of simple KPC-9612
>dual port TNC's, so we  had to be a little
>creative to find ways to command things...
>Bob, Wb4APR
Unless a user is actualy on 1200 or 2200 hz I think a tnc with a real 
dcd like the symek tnc21s will also work without switching to full duplex.

73 de Andre PE1RDW
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