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Re: PCSAT2 PSK-31 test Saturday Morning! (USA)


I was also near 29.402 transmitting.  But my antenna situation is not 
very good.  All are inside near my bedroom window.
I did not hear or see any signals on receive side.

I may be Desensitizing my 435 receive antenna as it is not to far away 
from the HF dipole in the same room.  I will listen only on the next 
pass at ~1540 UTC to see if I can hear any signals. 

Jerry  -  K0HZI

George Henry wrote:

> Well, I put a few out there on the 1405Z pass, as close to 29.402 as I 
> could, but the bird was below 10 degrees for me by then (Chicagoland 
> area), and I wasn't hearing anything decode-able on the downlink, so, 
> who knows? Will try again on the 1540Z pass if I can (Saturday = 
> "honey-do" list...)
> George, KA3HSW
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