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Re: POSAT mode request

I'm new at this so maybe my opinion is not as informed but  it seems to me 
that in the current situation more FM voice  capability is needed so that 
would be my vote if I had one.
Michael, W4HIJ
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Subject: [amsat-bb] POSAT mode request

> Greetings
> Regarding future POSAT satellite mode;
> Its obvious the ISS is going to be PACKET for at least the next year
> and it is the only high power satellite for beginners with basic stations.
> If posat is capable of at least a couple of watts on the downlink then my
> request is that POSAT be configured for FM PHONE.
> If it is low power like the other FM satellites then I dont have an
> opinion.
> UHF downlinks have a higher path loss than VHF downlinks. I would like to
> see more mode u/v in the future or even better, VHF up and 10 meters down.
> Thank you for asking for requests.
> 73, patrick N2OEQ
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