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Re: PCSat2 tests-Friday 18 and 19 UTC test

Jerry Weihrauch wrote:
> Cliff,
> Bob turned off the PSK repeater for today,   Said maybe tomorrow "maybe".
> If so and have good passes here will give them a try.
> Jerry  -  K0HZI
> Cliff Buttschardt wrote:
>> Jerry, Bob and the group.  Let's try another PSK31 test today,
>> Friday at 1816 UTC and 1951 UTC.  Remember I will be on
>> 29.401 + 800 Hertz rather than 29.402 directly.  I'll produce
>> a rather long idle stream before transmitting in order to get
>> a phase lock.  Rather that "TEST" I use my call, K7RR after
>> the idle stream.  Nothing heard?  That's fine it's just a test!
>>      Cliff K7RR   Morro Bay, CA  CM95
>> ----
Jerry and Bob.....
Good enough!  We heard our own downlink signals on the 1955Z
pass very well.  There were additional signals on + 1000 Hertz
as well as our +800 Hertz.  The pass coming up at 2128Z will
be West of the US but we will try anyway just in case Bob might
not have gotten the repeater off.  Unfortunately, it seems the
return signals on 70 Cm are demodulating rather weak audio.
The RF signal is terribly strong near S9 most of the time.
Cliff K7RR
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