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Re: PCSAT2 telemetry

PCSAT2 Telemetry guide:

Here is what to look for on the PCSAT2 telemetry
screen.  Dave has done an *fantastic* translation
of my original DOS version to the WEB:


Telemetry is in 4 packets, numbered 00,01,10,11.
And that is why every telemetry channel has one
of those numbers by it so you can see which packet
contains which value. They are transmitted every
10, or 20, or 60 seconds depending on how interested
we are in telemetry.  This means it takes 40 sec,
or 1 min 20s or 4 minutes to get a complete snapshot.

The upper right shows the TIME of each of these
4 packets last heard.  Colors show latency.  Brighter
are more recent.  Every packet has a serial number
which is incremented each packet.

The raw packet is at the top and you can see the
SOURCE callsign of who IGAted it into the network.

Transmitters are bursty packet types and usually
will show 0 since it is rare to capture a 1 second
current when the telemetry samples.  Looking at
the temperature of the transmitter gives a better
indication of how hard it is working.

Remember PCSAT2 has no command/control
processor.  It is only a pair of KPC-9612+ TNC's
and we are only using their built-in telemetry and
command capability.  

You can look at the eight 11111111 bits in EVERY
telemetry packet (they are the same)  which shows 
the state of the 8 on/off bits.   They are active 
LOW.  So 11111111 is with everything off.  They
are mostly identical on the A and B side.  Each bit
is listed at the bottom of the page under 
"Command Status".

The upper right shows the estimated Lat/Long 
of the real-time position of ISS NOW (not when
the telemety sample was taken).

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR
USNA Satellite Lab
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