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Global Satellite Coverage (hawaii?)

We need a Satgate in Hawaii...
An Ideal location with NO competition!
Has most birds all to themselves...

In looking at the global collection of PCSAT2 telemetry
and the global network of permanent satgates the 
last few days, an  interesting observation results:

The Primary high-ham-population density areas
although they appear to be spread around the
world, mostly are all on the SAME orbit!  Thus
we get very good coverage about half the day,
and then very poor coverage for many hours
at a time.  Notice that the USA, Europe, Australia
and New Zealand (the primary sites for PCSAT2)
are all under one orbit sometimes.)

The result is that after the last West Coast USA 
pass of ISS, we go over 8 hours without ANY of 
these groundstations under the ISS.

Just adding Hawaii and Japan would drastically extend
the AMSAT ability to capture data from most AX.25
satellites most of the time:

In the past, setting up a satgate was an arcane
and tediouis extension of APRS needing a lot of patience.
But now with the effort to bring in PCSAT2,
Bill Diaz With ALOGGER and Phil Pacier's
Satgate using Pete Loveall's javAPRSsrvr have
 added a satgate capability that can run
without any unnecessary baggage.  All that
is needed is someone to write aa very simple 
how-to-DOC to tell the AMSAT member with a 
spare TNC and radio how to do a turn-key set-up.

The satgate program just sits there and monitors the
global SATGATE data stream and allows the end
user to either add data into the stream or to
selectively capture and filter out anything he

Bill made many changes to ALOGGER in the last few 
days to  get ALOGGER fine tuned to the PCSAT2
mission and after a litttle more documentation and
help files, hopefully it wil become something that
anyone can quickly install and make operational
as an unattended satgate with nothing but a
TNC and radio and fixed antenna connected
to an unused seriial port.

This is not an announcement that this is ready
for prime time, but just a hint of what I hope
will become a global system.  If you live on 
Hawaii, and want to contribute, we should
have the means to help you get on line
soon...  I hope

Who has the time to write the how-to-set-up
a-turnkey-satgate manual?

de WB4apr
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