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Re: PCSAT2 PSK-31 test

My squelch tripped a couple of times again on the 1622Z pass, but for 
the most recent pass (1755Z-ish) I had switched over to 2M in hopes of 
hearing one of the crew.  I'm sure the PSK31 was doing something, 
although no audio here on the HT and short whip.

Brent, VE1JH

Roger Kolakowski wrote:
> For the three noonish East coast passes today I attached my pocket handheld
> to a 5 element uhf beam and swung it around and was able to maintain 80% or
> better quieting throughout pass (except for doppler changes)
> My ears discerned only very occasional 1200 baud packets
> I personally did notice that antenna polarity SEEMED to be better
> horizontal. Any thoughts?
> Roger
> FN42mp
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