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Re: 9600 Baud Telemetry

>>> David Johnson <g4dpz@mac.com> 08/04/05 3:40 AM >>>
>I've had a couple of reports of mails to pc2@grc.usna.gov
> being  bounced, have you had any reports of this?

Yes, that was a bad email address.  Notice it has USNA
instead of NASA. I posted that incorrectly sometime
ago, but its oiut there.  If it is on a web page we need
to find it and fix it.  It should be pc2@grc.nasa.gov

and only send 9600 baud data there.
And ONLY if it has the long "{TPxNCmCMSDLKJHSKLJHFmmmD
type of solar cell telemetry in it.
We dont need the 9600 baud copies of the
conventinoal 1200 baud telemetry that looks like
T#123,111,222,333, etc....

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