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Re: PCSAT2 Lives!


The live telemetry site has been connected the APRS-IS network  
(ahubswe.net) rather than
the specific server that Bob has mentioned.

I've just moved it over to that site and I'll be monitoring it for  
the next few hours.

The interesting thing is that I've seen many PC2XXB test packets on  
the APRS-IS but there's
very little appearing at the moment.

According to http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/pcsat2.cgi, the only  
packets that have been seen are:

00:11:28:59 : PC2XXB]APRS,RS0ISS-3*,qAO,KB8ZGL-5:!3900.00N/ 
00:11:30:28 : PC2XXB]APRS,RS0ISS-3*,qAO,KB8ZGL-5:]testing
02:06:00:51 : PCSAT2]APRLTM,SGATE,qAO,KC9XG:{T# IGNORE ALogger A side  
test packet
02:06:00:51 : KC9XG]APRS,PCSAT2*,qAC,KC9XG:] IGNORE ALogger A side  
test digi packet
02:06:00:52 : PCSAT2]APRLTM,SGATE,qAO,KC9XG:T# IGNORE ALogger A side  
test packet

- Dave

On 4 Aug 2005, at 02:47, Robert Bruninga wrote:

> Thanks to everyone that is feeding the live
> telemetry (1200 baud to any APRS Igate)
> and 9600 to satgate.aprsca.net:20150.
> Its working.  Not sure why the live web page
> is not pickikng it up yet... but that will be
> solved soon enough.
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