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PCSAT2 Received over West Malaysia

Hello Group,

The local time now is 0550 Hours, 04/08/2005 or 2150 Hours UTC, 03/08/2005.

At 0537 Hours Local or 2137 Hours UTC, ISS just passed over West Malaysia
with a maximum elevation of 87 degrees.  This time, I had managed to
successfully receive radio signals from the existing ARISS system on 145.800
MHz +/- as well as the newly deployed PCSAT2 on 437.975 MHz +/- for the
first time.

Due to equipment limitation, I had chosen to concentrate on the new PCSAT2
frequency while maintaining only listening watch on the existing ARISS
system on 145.800 MHz.  Both 9600 bps and 1200 bps data packets were heard
and decoded on the new PCSAT2 downlink at 437.975 MHz +/-.  There were even
some activities on the existing 145.800 MHz ARISS system, but I did not pay
attention to this.

Equipment used for 9600 bps packet decoding was Symek TNC3S and WISP while
for 1200 bps packet decoding was AGWPE, UISS and the computer's sound card.
Rig used ICOM IC-910H and antenna was 11 element vertically polarized 70 CM
quad.  Please visit http://www.9w2qc.net/pcsat2/ for a screen shot of both
the 9600 bps and 1200 bps decoded data.  

As I could not plug the sound card and TNC at the same time, I had to
receive 9600 bps data for the beginning of the pass, and then switch to 1200
bps data for the second half of the pass.  Also, I was not really prepared
for this pass, and therefore Doppler tuning was performed manually.

I would be glad to forward any telemetry, etc. collected in future passes.
What software should be used to collect the 9600 bps telemetry?  Are there
any special software, or would a terminal program suffice?

Sion Chow Q. C.,
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