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Re: Headphones on AO-51

Steve Holly wrote:
> Andy,
> Are you compensating for doppler on the downlink? At the beginning of
> the pass you should be at 435.310 for AO-51. By the end of the pass
> 435.290. 

I will start compensating for that. I guess the real problem is I am 
doing with solo (well, I have someone to log). I found a tripod at home 
(I am on vacation, grid square EL85) but there was no room to pack it. 
With an Arrow in one hand and keying with the other, I tend to get shaky.

> I've got you in the log AO-51 8/3/2005 02:10 UTC. Did you ever figure
> out what grid square?
> You sounded fine as I recall. I heard you and called you tonite. You're
> audio seemed a little low tonite although it was very crowded.

Audio was probably the doppler. It's odd; sometimes I can hear myself 
lightly, probably because my actual voice is covering up the downlink. 
Sometimes its just static. In any case, I am going to just have to be 
more careful of where I point my Arrow.

Thanks All,

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