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Re: Congratulations NASA!

On 3 Aug 2005 at 9:17, Rick Hambly (W2GPS) wrote:

> All,
> Just a few minutes ago STS-114 Mission Specialist Steve Robinson 
easily removed two
> gap fillers that were protruding from between heat-shielding tiles 
on Discovery. The
> history making space walk was broadcast live on television and the 
internet world
> wide.
> AMSAT and the worldwide space community are breathing a sign of 
> Congratulations to NASA and the STS-114 crew and we wish you a safe 
> for more information see http://www1.nasa.gov/returntoflight/main/
> Rick
> AMSAT President

When i see all the works an energy spent over foam and pieces of 
fabrics i have a different feeling when i remember the lost lives of 
Columbia crew.

Still hard to believe that pieces of foam and fabrics are still 
causing problems on what was supposed to be the "space truck". It is 
now an experimental vehicule!

Some will argue that space will ever be an experimenters places but i 
will hard time to explain this to the Columbia crew families that 
there loves ones are missing due to pieces of foam or fabrics. If 
there lives where taken from an unknown factor it will be easiest to 
explain but on the foam and documented question i still have hard 
time with it.

The safe return of STS-114 will be quite special and from my point of 
view its only at that time that we can say "AMSAT and the worldwide 
space community are breathing a sign of relief." 

I hope for the best and wish the best for the crew.

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT Quebec coordonnator
AMSAT 33583
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