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RE: Update on PO-28

Hello Group,

This topic seems very interesting to me and I have been following it

Although PO-28 is not yet opened for amateur use, I have tried to receive
(only RX, no TX) some 9600 bps packets from it on 429.950 +/- today at 1200
UTC 03/08/2005 on a past over west Malaysia.  

The results were better than I expected.  About 5 seconds after AOS, the DCD
led began to blink, and about 25 seconds later it grew steadily and data
packets began to flow in.  Data decoding was continuous until about 50
second before LOS when the DCD led began to blink again.  

Here is a link to a screenshot of the received data by WISP.

Equipment used was IC-910H, 11 element 70 CM vertically polarized quad with
SSB SP-7000 preamp and Symek TNC3S.  Maximum elevation of this pass was
about 35 degress, and maximum signal strengths shown on the S meter was
around S9+30db.

Hope to work this bird soon once it has been assigned to the amateur
satellite service.

Sion Chow Q. C.,

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Those are the frequencies of the FM uplinks and downlinks, not the edge of a

passband. If you want to hear how loud this sat is, listen on 429.950 until 
they change it back to amatuer service.

73 Drew KO4MA
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