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Re: Java station control program


I am the developer of JStation.  The version that is on 
http://www.qsl.net/n6lyt is now really really old.

I was working on a newer version that used the Java Comm API for the 
serial port interfaces.  There are a lot of changes in this version but 
I lost interest due to the lack of store and forward digital satellites 
and in particular images taken by the satllites.

I had implemented the alogorithms required to decode the PoSAT images. 
They were using a method called "Adaptive, Moment Preserving Block 
Truncation Code" (see 
which required a complete thumbnail image along with the encoded full 
image to be able to decode them.

I also have a version under construction that runs the interface to the 
rotors and radios as a background task (daemon) and presents the user 
interface via a web browser using Java Servlets and Java Server Pages. 
As the machine that this runs on is on the internet I can access the 
satellite data from anywhere that has a browser and internet access!

If the store and forward part of PoSAT is made available I will put some 
effort into getting this all running again and put together in a 
releasable form.

I was monitoring PoSAT for a long time on its commercial frequency and 
had noticed that it was not being used apart from downloads of log files 
and the occasional WOD file.

The images from this satellite were really good (see 
http://www.dop.ineti.pt/posat/www/index.htm),  I hope that we will be 
able to use that part of the satellite.  Do we know who will be 
controlling the satellite?


   John Melton  g0orx/n6lyt
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