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Kudos on the Streaming Video!

The work on the "Space Day 2005" video was excellent and a fine example 
of what can be done to further promote the amateur satellite service.

I'm looking forward to more such productions. As for suggestions, audio 
works well too ... with the advent of VoIP applications (like Skype, 
etc.), it would be technically trivial to have a 20 minute Q&A session 
with satellite builders around the country or the globe and then make 
those audio interviews available for download.

I think this would help squelch the insatiable demand for "more 
information" about projects without bogging down the project managers, 
designers, and builders too badly.

But once again, BRAVO to all involved. It was a very nice piece of work!

Jeff Davis, KE9V
AMSAT-NA #28350
AMSAT-DL #0202442
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