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Re: New to satellites, with coax question

Thanks to Jim and everyone else who responded to my question. My 9913 
has a solid center conductor, it's some I've had lying around for quite 
a few years that I've never used. I'll have to order the appropriate 
connectors. I'm hoping to work LEO satellites for now with my fm dual 
band mobile radio which does duplex as I don't have a true satellite 
radio yet. I have a Kenwood TS450SAT for HF but that's about it. I do 
have a Kenwood TL-922A amplifier that's pretty much been in the box 
since I inherited it from my late father ( the original W4HIJ) and I'm 
now hoping to sell it to help generate funds for a better satellite 
station. I've been really excited about the sats ever since I managed to 
hear AO-51!

Jim wrote:

> Also get the correct "N" connector for 9913.  The center conductor is 
> "a wee bit bigger" than RG8 etc. and it is difficult to cut strands 
> off to make the center pin fit into the wrong connector.  I use 9913 
> on my UHF antenna all the way to the driven element without a break.  
> It is a short length from the preamp below the rotor to the antenna on 
> the cross boom.  The center conductor is stranded so it does stand the 
> stress better than a solid conductor will.
> Good luck and hope to hear  you on the birds soon! :-)
> 73,
> Jim
> AMSAT  # 31517
> Michael A. Tondee wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I'm new to the satellite game but it's something I've always wanted 
>> to try. I'm on a tight budget but I've finally decided to give some 
>> of the LEO FM birds a try anyway.
>> I have some 9913 cable here and I'm thinking I might want to hook it 
>> up to a homebrew 70cm beam on a rotator. I want to use a short length 
>> of something more flexible to feed the antenna like maybe RG8-U to 
>> avoid the twisting of the rotator maybe breaking the center conductor 
>> of the 9913. What's the best way to make the connection between the 
>> short length of RG8-U and the 9913?  An actual splice or some type of 
>> connectors? I don't want something lossy there that will defeat the 
>> purpose of using the 9913. Also, my radio has an N connector on the 
>> 70cm antenna jack. An N to SO-239 adapter there would be a no no as 
>> well wouldn't it because of signal loss in the adapter, right? I'm 
>> trying to get as much signal to my receiver as I can without a preamp 
>> which I don't have funds for.
>> Tnx and 73,
>> Michael, W4HIJ
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