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New to satellites, with coax question

Hi everyone,
 I'm new to the satellite game but it's something I've always wanted to 
try. I'm on a tight budget but I've finally decided to give some of the 
LEO FM birds a try anyway.
I have some 9913 cable here and I'm thinking I might want to hook it up 
to a homebrew 70cm beam on a rotator. I want to use a short length of 
something more flexible to feed the antenna like maybe RG8-U to avoid 
the twisting of the rotator maybe breaking the center conductor of the 
9913. What's the best way to make the connection between the short 
length of RG8-U and the 9913?  An actual splice or some type of 
connectors? I don't want something lossy there that will defeat the 
purpose of using the 9913. Also, my radio has an N connector on the 70cm 
antenna jack. An N to SO-239 adapter there would be a no no as well 
wouldn't it because of signal loss in the adapter, right? I'm trying to 
get as much signal to my receiver as I can without a preamp which I 
don't have funds for.
Tnx and 73,
Michael, W4HIJ
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