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Re: Duplexer

James Davies wrote (in part):
> I have a Diamond MX-72 Duplexer and have attached the 2 fly leads 
> (2m/70cm) to my 2m/70cm dual band yagi (one set of elements for each 
> band on each plane), with the single connector going to my Yaesu HT.
> Is this the correct way to use this duplexer

First of all, it's a diplexer not a duplexer (although that is an 
extremely common error - even by people who really ought to know better) 
. And to answer your question, yes.  The more common way to use a 
diplexer is to feed multiple radios to a single antenna, but it works 
just as well to feed a multi-band radio to separate antennas.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Ofc:  818-548-4804
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