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RE: AO-27 mode schedule program

Hi George,

This is a really nice program; I had a high pass this afternoon on AO-27, 
and decided to give it a try.  After some teething problems, it predicted 
things pretty accurately.  Working AO-27 is much more fun when you know when 
the bird will wake up and switch modes.

But, the problem...  After clicking on Update Data, the program hung.  I had 
to kill it (kill -9) and restart, then it worked.  Later, I tried the update 
again, and again it hung.  Seems like any access to the network ends poorly. 
  I'm running SuSE Linux 9.3 Pro on a 3.2 ghz P4 system, with java version 
"1.4.2_06".  I started it with 'java -jar AO-27Schedule.jar' from a user 
shell prompt.



Well, my son has finally finished the AO-27 mode schedule program that he
was working on for me, and it is available for download if you would like to
check it out.  It is available in two versions:  a Windows executable (EXE),
or a JAR file which will run on ANY computer with the Java 2 runtime
environment installed. (The Windows EXE also requires that J2RE be
installed:  go to www.java.com ).  The JAR has been tested under Windows
2000 and XP, Suse and Red Hat Linux, and Mac OS9.  Just put either file in a
folder of your choice, and run it from there.

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