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Yaesu FT-767 fan stuck on high

Hi folks,

This is relevant to Amsat only because I was talking on the 20 meter Amsat 
Net last week when it happened, and the rig was what I used for the uplink 
for my first satellite contact (RS-10) many years ago...

The cooling fan on my Yaesu FT-767GX transceiver seems to be stuck in the 
high speed setting.  The rig works otherwise, but it's annoyingly loud.  I 
was talking to Larry W7LB when it turned on, as it often does during a net.  
The problem is that it didn't down-shift when the rig cooled down.

Is this something that is controller by a microprocessor somewhere, that 
might have gotten confused?  I'd rather not reset the rig without reason; 
who knows what settings I'd loose.  Or, is this a problem anyone else has 
seen?  The rig is old enough that I'm not really sure where I should send 
it, or where to begin digging into it myself.  The one time I opened the 
case up to install the tone board, it appeared nearly unservicable inside.


Greg  KO6TH
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