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PCSAT2 on ISS on amsat-bb

Since PCSAT2 is on ISS but will also operate as an 
autonomous payload sometimes as well, it has interest 
on both the SAREX and AMSAT-BB mailing lists.

To avoid dual posting, however, we will generally
make most postings on the AMSAT-BB that pertain
to PCSAT2 operations and only make postings on
SAREX when they involve PCSAT2 coordination with
manned activities.  

Our understanding is that during the deployment of
PCSAT2 and initial checkout, that the ARISS system
will probably remain in PACKET mode when not
otherwise in use since this minimizes the potential for
mutual interference.

Deployment is still expected 3 Aug or possibly earlier.
After 2 weeks of checkout, user transponders may
be activated.  See


USNA Satellite lab
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