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Re: signal source kits

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From:  "Brian OZ1SKY" <amsat-bb1@houge.spamfree.dk>
Subject: [amsat-bb]  2.4GHz signal source


In the AO40 days, seem so long ago,  there where some 2.4GHz signal 
source/beacons around, both homebrew and  pro made.
Now im looking for such a device, output should be about 50mW or  so, but 
havent had much luck finding any.

I need a signal source to  test some amsat and wlan antennas, so the freq 
should not be lower than  2.4GHz.

Could someone point me to a maker or maybe better some  homebrew?


Hello Brian.
Most of the signal sources used for testing antennas published by  AMSAT 
members (iincluding me) only generate a few microwatts to a  milliwatt.
This is perfectly OK for testing an antenna with an S band  receiver - The 
idea being to determine antenna pattern or circularity by  watching the S meter. 
 However, if you want to measure gain more precisely  then you need to use a 
reference antenna e.g. a horn and modulate the  source......there are more 
details if needed.
For 50mW you are really looking at a complete local oscillator plus a  small 
amplifier (VNA series from mini circuits)
You may be able to use the local oscillator section from a  downconverter or 
a local oscillator kit.   e.g. the G4DDK    004 board  (about 10mW of clean 
2.4 to 2.6GHz)
I believe Down East microwave, SSB electronics, DB6NT, and G3WDG also  have 
similar products.
Hope that's useful............Back to the 2.4G antenna range at AMSAT-UK  now
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