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Re: Long and overdue report (Eagle)

Hi Bob / Group.
Very good to see all the progress made on this exciting project. It will be  
good to get some satellite signals occupying those yet to be used  frequencies.
One comment.  You say:
" We implement Leila in DSP 
and even loud AMSAT lovers from southern  Europe could not be louder than 
the beacon by more than 3 dB no matter how  many megawatts EIRP they 
transmit.   Even better, pileup  participants will be shoved down to the 
noise floor where none of the  emitters would be audible and good 
behavior would be strictly enforced since  the sum of the people on the 
same frequency will be limited to 3 dB above  the beacon!"
Great idea for Leila.
However I suspect that suppressing pileups will cause a problem or  two.  
When a rare DXCC country appears on the satellite (something  encouraged by the 
AMSAT awards programme)shoving the pileup participants down to  the noise floor 
will inevitably lead to DX-Pedition having to use a very wide  receive 
'split'  e.g. listening up 10 - 60kHz.   
This will generate interference to other users.  Isn't it better to  keep the 
pileup at the AGC level and occupying a very narrow bandwidth?
Just a thought.....
David    G0MRF
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