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AMSAT conference server on Echolink

Hello everyone.
I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this query.
For some months now the AMSAT conference server on Echolink seems to have
been permanently connected to something called *CANADA*. This looks to be
some sort of IRLP or other RF link to another server. The stations using the
*CANADA* link are mostly oblivious to any activity on the AMSAT server.
Traffic on the link is centred around tornado and other storm reports and
seems to involve a network of stations closely involved in monitoring
weather systems. Activity on the AMSAT server does not seem to interfere
with or cause any problem to the linked stations. Unfortunately the reverse
is not true. While the link is working it is not possible for any station to
activate the AMSAT server and gain access, however it's often the case that
a link station will be heard transmitting when a conference station
completes an
"over", thereby preventing any other AMSAT conference station from replying.

Does anyone on the BB know of any reason for this link to be attached to the
AMSAT server?

73, Bill...vk3jt
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