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Re: Win 2000 & ISA Slot

Thomas Webb wrote:
> Anyone using Win 2000 with Nova and KCT?  I've been told Win 2000 and ISA
> slots do not play well together.
> Objective: upgrade from Win98Se to Win 2000.

	I have used Win 2K Pro with ISA slots and KCT under Nova for Windows 
just fine for years.  For several years, my primary computer that was 
used for satellite tracking ran Win2K Pro and Nova for Windows driving a 
KCT.  Worked just fine.  That computer was replaced with this one which 
does not have ISA slots (and it's also WinXP Pro) so that meant I could 
not use the KCT with the new computer.  I bought a Satellite Tracker Jr 
from W0LMD which uses a serial port from the computer and that works 
just fine with Nova for Windows.  One of these days I intend to have a 
second (or third) El/AZ array and will use a really old computer that 
has ISA slots with the KCT.  The only real issue with the KCT under 
Win2K is that there were no DOS drivers for the KCT that would work 
under Win2K.  That means you can't use (for example) Station.  I 
actually have a very old computer here that has been loaded with Win98SE 
primarily because I can run Station on it (it's WAY to slow for Nova) 
with the KCT.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Ofc:  818-548-4804
AMSAT Member 32537 - WSWSS Member 395
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