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U5MIR heard on ISS

Hello Group,

This evening, ISS passed over West Malaysia at 1310 UTC and 1446 UTC
respectively.  On the 1310 pass, I managed a brief voice contact with

However, on the 1446 UTC pass, at only 2 degrees after AOS, I heard someone
speaking and signing of with the callsign U5MIR.  Also, what I heard was
only the voice of U5MIR, whom I believe is Sergei and not the voice of the
groundstation.  I was intending to give him a call but, about 5 seconds
after U5MIR signed off, I heard the packet beacon of ISS.  

After this, the crossband repeater was not working anymore, and ISS was
beaconing until LOS.  Can someone update us on the status of ISS as it would
no longer be in my view till the next morning?

Thank a lot.

Sion Chow Q. C.,
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