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OSCAR-11 Report

                  OSCAR-11 REPORT

                   22 July 2005

During the period 15 June to 21 July 2005 nothing has been heard from the

Just after the previous report was distributed, I received an e-mail from
from Bob G4VRC, who heard the satellite on 13 June at 05:42 UTC. Bob
has a special interest in this satellite. He works at the University of
Surrey, and did much of the mechanical construction.  Many thanks Bob for
the report.

Since 18 April, OSCAR-11 has been heard on the following occasions -

    28 April 04:09 - 30 April 16:04 UTC    G3CWV

    19 May  22:11 UTC  LW2DTZ

    13 June 05:42 UTC  G4VRC

Based on these times, there was a possibility that UO-11 might be heard
around 09 July.  I monitored all passes from 08 July to 11 July, but no
signals were heard on 145.826 MHz.  I am indebted to Roger, WA1KAT who also
monitored the channel continuously from 07 July to 13 July, no signals were
received.  However, the satellite could still have been transmitting during
this period, for one or two orbits, which were out of range of both

It's now very difficult to predict when the satellite might be heard, as
the time between switch ON has increased after each cycle, and we don't
have a recent observation on which to base a pediction.  My guess would be
around 05 August for the next transmission.

The satellite is now experiencing solar eclipses, which have reached
their maximum duration, and are now decreasing. The eclipses should
finish in mid-August, when the satellite enters a period of continuous
sunlight for the remainder of the year.  It is possible that the satellite
might resume transmissions when the eclipses finish.  If this occurs then
satellite might start transmitting again in early September, approximately
10 days ON followed by 10 days OFF.

Any reception reports would be appreciated.  Please send to me direct
g3cwv@amsat.org, or post to AMSAT-BB. To remind listeners of the
sound of the VHF beacon, I have put a short audio clip on my website.
The URL is www.users.zetnet.co.uk/clivew/   It's near the top of the
OSCAR-11 page.

The website contains an archive of news & telemetry data, including all the
data received for 2005. It also contains details about using a soundcard or
hardware demodulators for data capture.  There is software for capturing
data, and decoding ASCII telemetry.

The Beacon frequencies are -

VHF 145.826 MHz.  AFSK FM  ASCII Telemetry - Occasional operation?

UHF 435.025 MHz.  OFF

S-band 2401.5 MHz. OFF

If you place this bulletin on a terrestrial packet network, please
use the bulletin identifier $BID:U2RPT111.CWV, to prevent duplication.

73 Clive G3CWV   g3cwv@amsat.org
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