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Re: Instant Track problem

>I am trying to install  Instant Track 1.5 but have run into a problem.  The
>map display is up and I am tracking AO-51 although the satellite is on the
>other side of the world.

This is very likely a problem with your timezone setting. On just 
about any screen of InstantTrack, hit the Z key repeatedly to see 
your local time and UTC time alternately. Make sure UTC is correct. I 
bet it's off by some number of hours. See the InstantTrack 
documentation for how to set your timezone.

It could also be very old elements, but probably not.

>Dummy Kct is showing antenna angles that agree
>with the display.

DummyKCT believes what InstantTrack tells it, so it will always agree.

>  I see the message "Doppler Offp". I do not have my IC-821
>connected.  Is there an obvious meaning to the "error message".   What have
>I failed to do?

"Doppler Offp" is not an error message. It's the headings for two 
fields, both which happen to be blank on your screen. The Doppler 
field is blank because you haven't entered a beacon frequency for 
AO-51, and without a frequency InstantTrack can't compute Doppler 
shift. The "Offp" field shows, for certain types of satellites, the 
angle by which the satellite's antennas are pointing away from 
straight at you. This is often called a "squint angle" or 
"offpointing angle". This field should be blank for AO-51 because 
InstantTrack doesn't include an algorithm for computing the attitude 
of a magnetically-stabilized spacecraft.

73  -Paul
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