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Re: ISS repeater

n4qwf@ntelos.net wrote:
> Speaking of antenna, I started listening with the Oscar aray and half way
> through the pass I decided to try my Hustler dualband vertical. I could
> not believe it was still S9 with just a little drop in the nulls. That is
> the first satellite I have ever copied with that antenna. I guess my ISS
> keps are off a bit as I copied it to -5 degrees. Yup, I like what I heard.

Of course, early in the pass, and late in the pass, a 6db+ gain vertical will work just fine. The disk (as opposed to 
hemispherical of 1/4 wave) pattern of a 5/8 wave or colinear gain provides a significant benefit.

For many of the passes which are not directly overhead, this type of antenna will work just fine for the casual user.

Gregg Wonderly
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