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Re: ISS repeater

I had a brief contact with N5VHO eariler this afternoon (around 19:00) 
through the ISS repeater.  Was actually surprised that I was able to get 
through as my 440 antenna is just a quick and dirty 1/2" copper pipe 
J-pole I built this weekend to work a new Echolink node in town.  Can 
barely hit the new node about 5 miles away but I got into the ISS even 
with the antenna still sitting inside!

I didn't even tune uplink doppler (and have never found a benefit to 
tuning the downlink doppler on the ISS with my radio.) but I probably 
needed to as I wasn't able to fully finish my QSO.  But with a marginal 
antenna I was surprised I got in at all.

Jason Hitesman
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