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Re: SAtPC32 Question

I don't believe that the SASI Tracker is supported under SatPC32, but the 
FODTrack definitely is.  As far as CAT goes, I presume you have followed all 
the tips in the "Hints for Yaesu Users" file found under the "?" menu, as 
far as setting your port, radio info, CAT delay, etc.?  Then just enable CAT 
by clicking on the "C-" box at the upper left to change it to "C+".  It 
should work just fine.  My 910H worked FB first time, following Erich's 

George, KA3HSW

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> Now that I'm back on the birds with rotor control working again I'd like 
> to consider giving up NOVA for something that will control rotor and radio 
> for dopler shift. I hear a lot about SatPC32 and dowloaded the demo but 
> can't seem to get it to talk to either my radio (FT-847) or rotor through 
> the SASI interface. I have built a working FodTrack interface so if that 
> is the problem on that end I can make the change, but can't get CAT 
> communication working. What am I missing?
> Rick
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