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Re: NO-44 Link Question

At 10:02 AM 7/16/2005 -0700, Greg D. wrote:

>Hi Matt,
>I have an FT-736R, but I expect the same technique can be used with nearly 
>any rig.  The fact that you are working a satellite doesn't necessarily 
>mean that you need to use the satellite mode in the radio.  For same-band 
>operation, such as with ISS or PCSat, the satelilte software can use 
>traditional (Earth-bound) FM repeater mode.  It programs the repeater 
>offset for -2 times the amount of doppler, and sets the receive frequency 
>for the downlink plus doppler.  Then when you transmit, the rig instantly 
>and automatically shifts the right amount to land on the uplink frequency.
>FODTrack can handle this, and I expect there are others.
>Greg KO6TH

Hi Guys,

Unfortunately, this does not work on an FT-847 as
the CAT interface ignores the digits less than 10KHz
for the repeater offset which is too big a step for
Doppler compensation.

You are better off using a half-duplex radio like
the FT-817, FT-857 or FT-100 if you have one as they will
work in "same-band" operation with the CAT interface,

Tony AA2TX
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