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Active satellite operators in Antarctica

This is a request to find out if there are currently any active satellite
stations in Antarctica!

The upcoming SSETI Express launch on August 25th will place the satellite in
a sun synchronous orbit. Taking into account the time for the satellite to
separate from the launch adaptor and an in built system delay before the
computer and radio equipment is activated - it should start to transmit on
437.250MHz at approx 08:40 UTC on August 25th. (the exact timing is subject
to final verification!)

The output power is 3 watts so should just be detectable even with a
handheld UHF FM radio

Our slight problem is that at this time it will be overhead Antarctica....
and we have always been promoting the worldwide nature of the amateur
satellite groundstation "network"

So if you are or know of such a station can you please get in touch with me

It is intended that a few weeks after launch, when the main on board
experiments have been completed, the satellite will be commanded into
transponder mode - A  single channel U/S FM transponder. Although this may
not be the most exciting sort of transponder device it has not cost AMSAT-UK
much in the way of funds so we should be happy!

There is a of course a unique prize for the first valid reception report but
the main value will be to help us impress the European Space Agency with our
facilities so that they may consider allowing us to put more (linear?)
transponders on their future GTO missions....

More details of the full SSETI Express launch programme and telemetry
formats  etc will be made available within the next few weeks on the
www.sseti.net website

Thanks in advance for your assistance


Graham G3VZV
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