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Re: P3e Mode-UV flight model ready at AMSAT-DL

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From: "William Leijenaar" <pe1rah@hotmail.com>
To: <amsat-bb@amsat.org>
Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2005 2:31 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] P3e Mode-UV flight model ready at AMSAT-DL

> Hi AMSATs,
> I always like to inform the AMSATs public about my P3e work, but
> unfortunatly due to
> some reasons there was not much time and nothing much to say...
> However, now I am happy to announce that the my MODE-UV transponder design
> for P3e is ready at the P3e integration place in Marburg (Germany). About
> weeks ago I was in Marburg before, where the transponder has been checked.
> Unfortunatly some unsure things were found in the design. The unsure
> were about long term stability after many years in space.
> At home in The Netherlands, I changed the design with some minor changes
> have a secure long term stability. Finally I tested the transponder again
> and it performed well within the specifications. Again something learned
> future transponder designs :o)
> Last Wednesday I drove to AMSAT-DL P3e integrations place in Marburg
> and have my transponder again checked. In the beginning it seemed that the
> 70cm receiver lost 10dB in sensetivity. After some more measurements we
> out that it was due to a bad attenuator we used for protection at the
> Together with Karl Meinzer we looked for any problems, but so far we could
> see (without HELAPS) all was okay. In the afternoon I went back home
> this time without the MODE-UV.
> Now the MODE-UV will get a new home, the home of P3e... :o)
> I hope the transponder will work like its elder sister in AO-10, and you
> will enjoy it for many years...
> It was lots of work to get it this far, but I know it is for a good
> purpose...
> 73
> William Leijenaar (PE1RAH)
> * Developer of the Dutch transponder on the Indian HAMSAT
> * Developer of the AMSAT-DL P3e Mode-UV transponder......
> ----

Hi William, PE1RAH

Tanks for the above information.

Do you build the HELAPS as well ?

It would be very interesting to get a block diagram and not only pictures
of the UV transponder with his technical specifications in the AMSAT-DL

Have a nice job

73" de

i8CVS Domenico
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