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P3e Mode-UV flight model ready at AMSAT-DL


I always like to inform the AMSATs public about my P3e work, but 
unfortunatly due to
some reasons there was not much time and nothing much to say...

However, now I am happy to announce that the my MODE-UV transponder design 
for P3e is ready at the P3e integration place in Marburg (Germany). About 4 
weeks ago I was in Marburg before, where the transponder has been checked. 
Unfortunatly some unsure things were found in the design. The unsure things 
were about long term stability after many years in space.

At home in The Netherlands, I changed the design with some minor changes to 
have a secure long term stability. Finally I tested the transponder again 
and it performed well within the specifications. Again something learned for 
future transponder designs :o)

Last Wednesday I drove to AMSAT-DL P3e integrations place in Marburg again, 
and have my transponder again checked. In the beginning it seemed that the 
70cm receiver lost 10dB in sensetivity. After some more measurements we find 
out that it was due to a bad attenuator we used for protection at the input.

Together with Karl Meinzer we looked for any problems, but so far we could 
see (without HELAPS) all was okay. In the afternoon I went back home again, 
this time without the MODE-UV.

Now the MODE-UV will get a new home, the home of P3e... :o)
I hope the transponder will work like its elder sister in AO-10, and you all 
will enjoy it for many years...

It was lots of work to get it this far, but I know it is for a good 

William Leijenaar (PE1RAH)

* Developer of the Dutch transponder on the Indian HAMSAT
* Developer of the AMSAT-DL P3e Mode-UV transponder......
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