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May/June 2005 AMSAT Journal


I finally have uploaded this very, very late issue of The AMSAT Journal to the
printer today. I have had immense problems with this issue and it is now well
over 1 month late. I apologize for the delay. I did receive content very late
and then our printer went out of business so I had more than the usual number
of problems to solve. Transferring to a new printer alone caused significant
uploading problems.

But, the issue is now in their hands and they are working hard to get it done.
The good news is that a few of the key employees from the old printer have
moved to the new one so they know how to deal with the Journal. I hope they
will have it in your hands very soon.

For those of you writing articles for the next issue (you are writing aren't
you??) I need your articles next week. I want to get the next issue out on
time. So send them to me as soon as you can.

Thanks very much for your patience. I didn't receive any nasty-grams about
this issue being late. Thanks for that.

Regards and 73,

Ed Long
Editor, The AMSAT Journal

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