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Mobile Satellite Antennas

Hi Guys and Girls,
For LEO satellite mobile work, for my IC706 I normally use a combined 2metre 
1/4 wave and 5/8 wave for 70cms on the metal roof of the vehicle. It works 
quite well and at elevations of 20 degrees plus is okay at speeds of 70mph 
(with the XYL driving).
It occurs to me that a full 1/4 wave 2 metre antenna might be better as it 
should resonate at 3/4 wave on the 70cm band.
Has anybody got a plot for a 3/4 ground plane and how does it compare with a 
5/8 one? I have not been able to find anything out in the literature that I 
Maybe if it was tilted at say 10 degrees there might be another useful 
antenna for mobile work.

Mike G3LGR
AMSAT 33643 
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