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Re: Airline Carryon

> There is no doubt in my mind that the rules and regulations  
> concerning RF
> devices in flight are the result of the most worst case scenario  
> possible.
> 99.9 percent of the time, most any device on any aircraft would not  
> even be
> noticed.

Depends on the type of emission, the frequency (at least  
approximately), and the power output.

> I've posted here before and I've often wondered why it is that the
> LO in some device like a radio receiver is sooooo damaging when you  
> consider
> that these aircraft fly the beginning and end of their flights  
> through some
> of the most RF polluted corridors known to man.  Microwave systems,  
> two-way
> systems, cellular telephone towers, TV and Radio broadcast and on and
> on....transmitting thousands of watts of RF....birdies, noise,  
> harmonics,
> non-linear junctions up the gazoo mixing all this hash up in  
> overabundance.
> So much of a deal is made of a LO....why you'd think that aircraft  
> would be
> falling out of the sky every day, all day.

Those are outside the fuselage, and attenuated down to almost nothing  
by the window apertures which are quite small in comparison to the  
typical wavelengths of the highest power emitters.

And again, it really depends on frequency, power, and what part of  
the wiring is resonating, and what's missing a toroid that really  
should be at its connector and where.

> There is no way that every
> single passenger turns his/her cell telephone or blackberry or WIFI  
> off
> during takeoff and landing or during flight.  There is a serious  
> proposal to
> allow celluar telephones to be used during flight.  Holy  
> cow....please,

I'm sure plenty of people use various kinds of unintentional emitters  
(radio receivers, non-WiFi computer equipment, etc.) on flights with  
negligible effects on the avionics.  There really is no good reason  
to have the *intentional* radiators turned on, although the kids  
playing multiplayer games via WiFi might disagree with me on that one  
(not that they're right ..), and using cellphones on an airline  
flight is a) inconsiderate, b) quite likely to screw up the avionics,  
and c) almost guaranteed to blanket a large number of cell sites on  
the ground.  [Because of (c) the FCC does not allow ANY cellphone use  
in an aircraft that is not in physical contact with the ground,  
airline or otherwise.  If they're talking about changing that, a lot  
of far more stupid things are bound to happen soon.]

I think the LO in my HT is probably the last thing the flight crew  
will ever need to worry about ..
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