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Top 11 Yo Momma insults for physicists

I know this is slightly off-topic, but thought SOME of you might find
this funny.

73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO

11. Yo momma's so fat the only curve on her is the curve of space-time
that occurs around any super massive object.
10. Yo momma's so ugly Schroedinger's cat was all-dead just knowing she
9. Yo momma's so fat she accounts for the missing 90% of matter in the
8. Yo momma's so fat her first diet ever is going to be called "The Big
7. Yo momma's so stupid she thinks Galileo is Spanish for 'girlfriend'.
6. Yo momma's so fat she contradicts a heliocentric solar system.
5. Yo momma's so stupid all of her family calls her a special
4. Yo momma's so stupid she thinks "Haw" is a middle name, and Steven
Hawking wrote "The Stand".
3. Yo momma's so ugly, stuff running from her accounts for the
acceleration of the expansion of the universe.
2. Yo momma's so fat her waistline is called the event horizon.
1. Yo momma's so stupid she thinks this line is false
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