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Re: rotor problems

Le 10 Jul 2005, à 3:12, Freeman Pascal a écrit:

> I have an Alphaspid az rotor that I purchased for my HF tower  
> project.  Since it was idle during field day I decided to use it with  
> my field day satellite setup.  After all the good things I heard and  
> read about the Alphaspid, I was horrified to discover that the wire  
> terminals used to connect the controller to the control cable were of  
> the flimsiest quality, the tabs were literally popping out  - Radio  
> Shack puts out better quality parts.  We literally had to tape the  
> control cable to the outside of the controller case with duct tape to  
> keep the cable in place and allow the terminals to make contact - ugh!
> Please tell me that the terminals on your AZ/EL rotor controller were  
> of better quality.
> -Freeman, N5FPP

On my alpha spid i installed a 4 wire trailer connector and i tape the wire 
very thigt over entry tube where the wire are passing through. Dont forget 
to put silicon over the terminal box top but let the bottom free to allow 
moisture drainage.

Dont use too heavy wire gauge with the trailer connector wire size you will 
not get any problems. As many terminal connector they are not made to 
hold any charge and i prefer this system to my former tailtwister with the 
bottom terminal connector where you have to dismantel the rotor to acces 
the terminal. Alfa spid is making a very accessible terminal box but not 
strong to a point to be used as a guyed wire attachment point.:)

Your idea to tape the rotor cable is the solution that i used too to avoid 
any stress on the terminal post.

Luc VE2DWE in EL99MD
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