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Re: Airline Carryon

I just fly from Montreal to Orlando, FL via Toronto on West Jet and i 
jammed pack mt carry on and checked baggage with 2 vhf-uhf rig one HT 
onr MFJ TNC, 2 mag mount antennas numerous clables plugs tools meter 
and so on.

I put in my carry on a GPS just aside on my portable PC and my flights 
where the 8 a day after the UK events. Aside heavily armed swat teams 
folks in Toronto anyone can detect a change in the airport security. Even 
my wife gets a full body search and electronic sniffers and other goodies 
where extensively use on my carry on.

Guess what NO BODY never ask me a question about my stuff!!!
Even one flight attendant say we can use our "electronics" at cruising 
altitude but only at that time in the flight and ask passengers to ask a 
flight attendant before using any 'electronics". I failed to ask for my e-trex i 
was watching SG-1 on the plane sat-TV...:))

Why so much discussions about carry on here? i dont know probably it is 
due to your attitude or face...(joke). But if you want to test the system as i 
was never bring an X-BOX in your carry on. My son has been extensively 
checked they even bring the X-BOX with the suitcase in the "back of the 
office" for more testing... and this at two airports security checked points 
at one place they ask him if he buy the X-BOX suitcase at the same time 
he buy the X-box?

I dont know what they are afraid about the X-box but this was my only 
horror one story to tell.

73 Luc VE2DWE from EL97
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