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Re: RE: S band for 6 bucks

Well, I guess I figured that the 3 weeks delay without status on the 
ordering of crystals was long enough.  :-)
I really want to get others on-board with this and keep the momentum going.
I'm pretty new to this type of conversion and my twisted brain's figured 
that, if more people stay involved and communicate, then the better chance I 
have of success.
So, please post your experience: good, bad, or otherwise!

Yes, kudos to Woody!

Robin  KE7ARL

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> Robin Callender wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I just got word from Barbara at ICM about the replacement crystal for
>> this conversion project (see the e-mail below).
> Wow, you must have posted that quick :D  I gave ICM a call and spoke
> with Barbara to order my crystal and when I gave her the part number she
> said "Wow, I JUST sent that out.  You guys coordinate fast!".
> I gave her a heads up that it had been posted so she'd probably be
> getting more calls soon ;)
> Thanks for the detective work!  (And Thanks to Woody for his work on
> this as well!)
> Watch with my luck, Echo will go into S band mode again in 2 weeks and
> then not again for 6 months :D
> (Not that I'm in a hurry, the local guys with the expertise to help me
> retune this thing are all out of town until winter so even with the
> crystal I'll have some waiting to do!)
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