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Re: Airline Carryon

I guess my joke wasn't that funny.


> To all,
> 1. A flight computer should not malfunction from interference on a VOR
> channel.
> 2. No one should have entertainment equipment on during take off or landing.
> 3. Aircraft antennas should be located in RF secure ares of the plane and
> not near the passenger cabin. Cables running in the cabin should be shielded
> in solid tubes or use fibre optics.
> 4. FAA personel should have a extensive background in R.F. and Avionics if
> they are in an inspection position of Avonics equipment.
> 5. If the FM radio is properly shielded, and properly certified it should
> not cause interference.
> 6.Which side the L.O. is on is realy no part of my original discussion.
> 7. This only happens when computer code is not debugged, FM radios were not
> certified, personel are ignorant,  passengers do not follow the flight
> rules, and flight attendents do not enforce the rules. Where is the L.O.in
> this?

> Hmm, most radios sold here use high side injection (or at least used to).
> As a kid, I used to play around with listening to the LO of another FM
> receiver (tuned to the bottom half of the band, of course!).
> Well, that makes sense. Toilets in the Southern Hemisphere flush in the
> opposite direction of those in the Northern Hemisphere. So, S. Hemi. LOs
> inject the opposite side than the N. Hemi. ones.
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