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RE: Airline Carryon

> > The aircraft is aluminum, it is large and the receiver
> > antenna is not in side the cabin. Most L.O. are on the low side causing
> > interference to the marker beacon receiver 75 MHz.

> Hmm, most radios sold here use high side injection (or at least used to).
> As a kid, I used to play around with listening to the LO of another FM
> receiver (tuned to the bottom half of the band, of course!).

Well, that makes sense. Toilets in the Southern Hemisphere flush in the
opposite direction of those in the Northern Hemisphere. So, S. Hemi. LOs
inject the opposite side than the N. Hemi. ones.

I've also got a good theory about why hot countries are less stable than
cooler ones - and how to fix it with air conditioners.

Dave Goncalves
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