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Low noise amplifier for FM broadcast band

This is off-topic, but I hope somebody can help me.  I moved to an area 
that has very poor reception of FM broadcast stations.  The stations are 
less than 20 miles away, but there are huge hills between my house and 
the radio stations.  I installed a high-gain FM broadcast antenna in my 
attic, and that improved the reception considerably compared to a 
dipole.  But it's still noisy, even with the tuner set to Mono (instead 
of stereo).  Best I can tell, my reception problem is mostly due to weak 
signal, not multipath.  When I rotate the FM broadcast antenna, I get 
only one signal peak that is in the direction of the broadcast stations. 
  I'm hoping that I can improve the reception with a low noise 
amplifier.  Does anybody know of a source for a LNA for the 88-108 MHz 
FM broadcast band?  Preferably with bandpass filtering to avoid being 
overloaded by strong VHF and UHF transmissions.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oregon, USA

p.s. My ham station still isn't on the air at my new QTH.  The house is 
built in 1883 and is on the National Historic Register.  All changes 
outside the house must be approved by the local and state historical 
commissions.  I hope to get permission to install antennas 50 feet away 
from the house.
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