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RE: Airline Carryon

> story to me that a DC-8 had problems with their flight 
> computer because of a 
> portable FM radio. I asked him if they fixed the computer? He 
> replied that 
> these radios have an oscillator in them that interfers with 
> all avionics. I 

Well, an unfortunate coincidence of most (all that I've seen so far)
consumer FM radios is that they use a 10.7 MHz IF with high side injection.
Guess where that puts the LO frequency?  Yep, right in the VHJF air
navigation band!  I'm surprised no one's pressured the manufacturers to fix
that (e.g. use low side injection instead).  Problem's been there for

>  I asked him how you could achieve a 1 amp current with a 2 
> mW oscillator 5 

Veeeeeery low impedance wire? ;)

> feet away? What would happen to this airplane if it's flight 
> path took it 
> near a FM radio or Television station?

Slightly different to the situation of a LO being in band...

> This ended the conversation, but gives some insight to the atitude of 
> Airline Pilots that have become inspectors and the stories 
> that are taken 
> for the truth.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm...
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