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Re: Airline Carryon

Hi Pat,

It just might.  My Garmin GPS-III has a nice strong emission at 147.315 
(discovered because it happens to be the output from our club repeater :-(). 
  I get about an S3 reading on my mobile rig when using it in the car.

On the other hand, about 6 years ago (before the current no-GPS rules went 
into effect), I was returning from Japan to San Francisco, and used the GPS 
to discover where we were, and that we'd be about an hour early.  (I had 
checked the in-flight magazine for any prohibition before trying it.)  The 
flight attendant came by and was interested, but not a bit concerned about 
it.  Of course, we landed early, and sat there 50' from the terminal waiting 
the entire hour for the plane ahead of us to clear out.

Greg  KO6TH

Hi All,

  I had a flight attendant actually tell me that operating my GPS
would interfere with the plane's instuments!  I find that it's better
to take the battery off of the radio prior to the check points.
Keeping things seperate makes it easier for them to see the stuff with
their Xrays.

73 de Pat -- KA9SCF.
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