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RE: Airline Carryon

> A lock just tells the baggage thiefs there are valuables 
> inside. It sure won't stop them from cracking it open with a 
> hammer, or cutting the bag open, or just stealing the whole 
> damn thing. And if it gets stolen, you are just out of luck 

However, in these parts of the world, there are also issues with drug
smugglers, which can be a major problem if you happen to be travelling to
Asia and someone's decided to let their drugs hitch a ride on your

> All my radios are always carried on. Gel cells included. I 
> sometimes get a little extra attention, but at least it's 
> focused on my bag, and not on my person. The most intense 

Same here, though I don't take gel cells, they're probably bordering on
"iffy".  I choose NiCd or NiMH battery packs for travel.

> Most of the TSA are fairly professional, and almost friendly. 
> But for the ones who are not, be sure and stand your ground. 
> We've already given too much liberty up for this farce they 
> call security. I for one have my heels dug as far in this 
> slippery slope as they will go.

I have found the ones I encountered during my time in the US to be friendly
and professional.
> I better stop before I really start ranting.....bottom line 
> is carry it on if you give a damn about it.

Agreed! :) 
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