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RE: Airline Carryon

> sniffer.  I was not asked to plug it in and turn it on at any of the 
> checkpoints.  The aluminum toolcase that I was carrying it in 

Same with my HT.  I wasn't asked to demonstrate that either.

> Some suggestions that I received from a friend in the travel industry 
> beforehand:
> - Remove the radio and any accessories from the carrying 
> case/carry-on bag, 
> and put it through X-ray separately from the case.

I actually had MORE problems doing things that way back here in Melbourne,
as an inexperienced security guard wasn't going to let me carry it on the
flight.  Fortunately, she had the sense to speak to her manager who gave me
the OK. :)  However, if anyone queries it, I do then take it out (an
extension of not volunteering until asked).

> - Do NOT volunteer any information until asked:  people who offer up 
> explanations without being asked often raise suspicion levels.

That's my policy.  
> - If traveling to a foreign country, have copies of your 
> license app or 
> reciprocal operating permit app with the radio.  If a license 
> or permit has 
> already been issued, have that with you in your passport.

I did carry a copy of my licence, in case US authroities wanted to see it.
I wasn't asked for it at any stage. :) 
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